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Posted Saturday April, 23rd 2022

Free Lecture: Unnameable losses

For our new friends through the Quantum Way Summit, please sign up below to access my lecture on "Unnameable losses: The unmetabolized ambiguous grief of adult children of refugees"

This presentation is a must watch!

Draws upon research literature as well as narrative reconstruction of lived experiences to expand the conversation about intergenerational trauma to encompass the impact of forced migration, combined with acculturation and enculturation pressures upon the subsequent generation.

Learn about my story... our story... a story about the adult children of refugees.

In my presentation I share with you..

* the differentials between refugees and immigrants
* the main stages of a refugee journey

* intergenerational trauma and the impact of forced migration combined with acculturation and enculturation pressures upon the next generation

* expressions of ambiguous grief, traumatic grief and traumatic homesickness associated with generation 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 refugees

* strategies to utilize in clinical and community settings to facilitate individual and collective well-being and resiliency for refugees

* the decontextualization of historical trauma can result in the pathologizing and stereotyping of cultures, families and individuals

* somatic techniques to expand nervous system capacity for distress tolerance

Enter your information below & watch the 90 minute lecture
Available until the end of May!

I look forward to staying connected with you.
With care and kindness

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