Charlie Pacello and Chuck Blocher: A Gathering of Warriors Online Workshop

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The Gathering Room main slider June 24th, 2021 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Learn More

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Charlie Pacello and Chuck Blocher: A Gathering of Warriors

Warriors are sworn to preserve and protect. They run into danger, while others flee. They are best suited to respond in times of crisis because they have already served in the zones of hell, and their purpose is to serve and sacrifice for the good of others. At the same time, having been exposed to violent threats, they are vulnerable to increased trauma and breakdown.

Our guest speaker this month is Linda Thai. Linda’s presentation draws upon research literature as well as narrative reconstruction of her lived experiences as a Vietnamese Boat Person. Linda will speak about intergenerational trauma, and the impact of forced migration, combined with acculturation and enculturation pressures upon the subsequent generation. As we know, unnameable losses cannot be grieved, and can manifest as clinical expressions of mental illness. Ambiguous grief – once named – will allow us to forge a collective path of healing and reclamation. As with all our free programs, within the week after this session, the recording will be posted under the presenter’s name on the Recorded Programs page.

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