PVI Gathering + Unyte Safe & Sound Summit Online Workshop

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Two Conferences in One!

LIVE In-Person and Virtual Event

2022 PVI Gathering and Unyte Safe & Sound Summit

Bringing together medical professionals, clinicians, neurodevelopmental and mental health practitioners, researchers, Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) providers and more, we’ll explore the intersection of paradigms, modalities and practices all while cultivating community and connection.

Delivering inspiring theoretical insights and evolutionary real world applications, the conferences will consider new clinical research, practical interventions, and more.

And all through a mindful lens encompassing children, adults, parents, under-served populations, and social impact.


Linda's Keynote Presentation: Fawning, Appeasement and the Somatics of Trauma within the Dynamics of Oppressive Systems

Description: The role of fawning and appeasement — although distinctly different responses, and distinct from dorsal vagal shutdown — are often overlooked survival mechanisms to a traumatic situation, experience, circumstance or inhabiting an identity that is marginalized or stigmatized by society. In this timely presentation, expert clinician, Linda Thai will explore the dynamics of domination and subordination in all forms of trauma. Her framework for conceptualizing the impact of the philosophical and structural nature of oppression on identity ( -isms, such as sexism, classism, racism, homophobism, transphobism, ableism) will allow you to recognize the relationship between internalized oppression and lateral/horizontal violence, and their impact upon the well-being, sense of self-identity, and sense of cultural identity of BIPOC individuals and communities. Through this presentation, you'll be equipped to meaningfully engage in an anti-oppressive approach to offering mental health services to individuals whose identities are marginalized by society.

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