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Chicago Minds new September 6th, 2022 - 12:00am - 12:00am Learn More

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Chicago Minds proudly presents The Trauma Series with Linda Thai, occurring on the first Tuesday of each month over June, July, August and September.

Do you struggle with anxiety, stress and over-thinking?

As polyvagal expert Deb Dana says, “state creates story”, meaning that the state of our nervous system generates our emotions, thoughts and core beliefs.

The nervous system can become the prison for our minds, and a way to reduce anxiety, stress and over-thinking is to go in through your body to calm the nervous system.

In this workshop, Linda Thai will share with you effective brain-based and body-based techniques to restore well-being, based upon the neurobiology of stress and the nervous system, that she learned during seven years of working in an outpatient mental health and counseling center, providing yoga and mindfulness services to individuals who struggle with stress and over-thinking in early addiction recovery. This is further augmented by her studies into the impact of traumatic stress on brain development that are foundational to her practice as a trauma therapist.

This workshop is jam-packed full of experiential activities for professionals to use for themselves and to introduce to your clients to restore well-being, to enhance integrative capacity for focus and concentration, and to improve daily function and relationships.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify the impacts of the stress response system of the body on brain function, behavior, physiology and relationships.

2. Understand the theory behind somatic techniques to release the diaphragm, and to practice these techniques.

3. Understand the theory behind breathing exercises, and to practice breathing exercises.

4. Understand the theory behind releasing tension in the eyes as a gateway to restoring well-being, and to practice these techniques.

5. Understand the theory behind the multiple possible purposes of fidgeting/stimming and how to intentionally engage in these practices to enhance well-being.

6. Understand the theory behind vestibular system activation and bilateral stimulation as gateways to enhancing integrative capacity for effortless focus and concentration.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who works with individuals who may experience an anxious, overwhelmed, dysregulated, stressed out, sensitive, or neurodivergent nervous system.

This workshop is also suitable for individuals who wish to become empowered in regards to their own healing journey.

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