TRF Tuesday with Linda Thai Online Workshop

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Learning about trauma can be empowering and transformative….and we also know that the traumatized brain may have limited capacity to learn, integrate and apply new information.

Too much information can be dysregulating.

Over this next month, Linda Thai will take us through how trauma impacts the body and the nervous system and can drive the formation of personality in marvelously adaptive ways.

These bite-sized presentations will use visuals to help to illustrate concepts and will be interwoven with somatic practices to enhance learning, to create a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical, life-affirming skills.

Neuroception of Life Threat & Danger: The Common Trauma Responses of Attach Cry, Flight, Fight, Freeze, and Flop
4th April

Fawning & Appeasement: Reactive, Proactive, Acute and Chronic Relational Survival Responses
11th April

Finding: An Adaptive Evolutionary Strategy Turned Haywire with the Threat of Traumatic Stress
18th April

Triggers, Window of Capacity & Upregulation / Downregulation Skills
25th April

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