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Movement, Breath and Sound for Transforming Grief

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Restoring Inner Calm

Linda is a mental health clinician, storyteller, and educator who has had her own lived experiences of individual, collective, historical and cultural traumatization...and healing. She uses her background in trauma therapy, somatic therapies and yoga to guide others through steps that help you to recognize and safely release tension through resourcing the body. She believes in empowering others through education and skills, thereby igniting potential and fueling your innate desire to learn, to grow, to heal.

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Certificate in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies

12 Week Program - Starting January 2023

In this three part certification course, you will learn to recognize and safely release tension patterns of survival responses and learn strategies for managing the nervous system that can help us deal with anxiety, overthinking, emotional flooding, and overwhelm.

60 minutes | 12 Classes | 7PM ET | $240

Level I: Jan 17th, Jan 24th , Jan 31st, Feb 7th
Level II: Feb 14th, Feb 21st, Feb 28th, Mar 7th
Level III: Mar 21st, Mar 28th, Apr 4th, Apr 11th

(PENDING) Live and Home Study CEs: Yoga Alliance (YACEP), Licensed Massage Therapists (NCBTMB)

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October 15, 2022

Healing the Legacy of Historical and Transgenerational Trauma

CIIS Public Programs (California Institute for Integral Studies) workshop
Healing the Legacy of Historical
& Transgenerational Trauma
October 15, 2022 at 10:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT

Every life involves suffering, and some experience more suffering than others. Making sense of the psychological, emotional, relational difficulties, and addictive patterns that someone experienced as a result of their childhood requires a thoughtful exploration of inherited transgenerational trauma patterns and survival strategies—legacies that are rooted in surviving the historical traumas of war, genocide, colonization, forced migration, or extreme poverty.

Parallel to our shared familiarity with adversity is our shared ability to heal. By expanding our landscape to encompass the trauma of our ancestors, we also allow for reclamation of unrecognized resources for the healing of the heart-wounds of our inner child and mending disrupted storylines. This larger landscape of traumatic grief, loss, homesickness and the ambiguity of these unnamable, unmetabolized experiences has a transgenerational impact that needs to be named in order to be healed.

Join trauma therapist and facilitator Linda Thai for a transformative workshop on naming, understanding, and healing historical and transgenerational trauma. Through this process, Linda guides participants to discover potential paths forward for reclamation of the losses of their inner child, culture, and ancestors.

This workshop provides a synthesis of research presentations and storytelling—the practical and the soulful—and includes guided writing activities, mindfulness practices, and somatic practices. This includes creating an ancestral timeline and family tree that encompasses historical trauma and the transgenerational transmission of unresolved trauma and loss and a guided mindfulness practice that may shift your relationship with your parents. Linda also shares guided writing and somatic exercises that will help to move anger (unmetabolized grief) into and out of the body.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in exploring traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations, as well as clinicians supporting clients with transgenerational trauma. The teachings provided are appropriate for healthcare professionals as well as the general public. Healthcare professionals will be able to incorporate the tools and practices offered in this program in ways beneficial to clients or patients.

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Transformasians, the second annual free online gathering for conversation around Asian diaspora mental health, took place on June 1, 2022. Linda participated in a panel discussion about Internalized Stigma, alongside fellow AsAm rockstars, Afghan-American Sara Stanazai and Blasian Ryan-Alexander Holmes.

The recording of the event is available to stream through the Asian Mental Health Collective’s YouTube channel.

For those interested, Linda also hosts a guided mediation at the beginning of the video!

TRF Tuesday Linda
TRF Tuesday

Video Collection

I invite you to join me on a journey of grief and reclamation, where we will invite movement, breath and sound, alongside song, story and silence. To dance at the wild edges of personal and collective grief and sorrow, to uplift with tenderness the beautiful, melancholy thread that weaves it way through all that we cherish and hold dear.

Sponsored by the Trauma Research Foundation.

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