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Trauma Can Affect Families For Generations

“At some point along the line you had an ancestor who lived through the unthinkable,” Linda Thai said, explaining how her own family’s experiences affected her childhood and young adult years. “And it made an impact in some way upon how they parented their kids. Or didn’t parent their kids. Trauma that has happened in previous generations that has been unresolved, and therefore impacts the way that generation raises the next generation.”

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The Council with Charlie Pacello

Feeling Safe

The Council is a program dedicated to the healing, renewal, and restoration of the individual who has suffered from the effects of trauma and PTSD, as well as those searching for a deeper meaning in their lives. As an open forum for the free exchange of ideas, it explores the leading edge of science, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, literature, and the healing arts in the pursuit of wisdom, wholeness, and enlightenment. Enjoy this interview with Charlie and Linda.

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Inspired Evolution

How to Heal the Emotional Trauma Stored in Your Body

Experiencing trauma can cause us to respond by entering into a state of survival. Even after the traumatic event or events have ended, we may find that the actions of truncated survival become integrated into the nervous system and can lead to long-term side effects on the body.

Amrit and Linda have a deep conversation about how you can heal the trauma stored in your body and how the truncated survival strategies that kept us alive can keep us from living a life to the fullest.

They talk about somatic therapy, our bodies holding the story of our life, how we become shaped in response to our environment and the strategies that kept us alive that keep us now from living.

They converse about the the whole journey and reason for Linda’s passion, where to begin exploring and unpacking your inner landscape and the workshops she is giving on how to move excess energy out of your body to facilitate embodied presence and focus, and strategies for managing the nervous system that can help you deal with anxiety, overthinking, emotional flooding, and being overwhelmed.

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David James, Northern Soundings

Fleeing From Home

The issue of immigration is again a dominate concern in the United States. Over the decades, the Irish, Eastern Europeans and Chinese met with hostility and at times violence when they sought opportunity or asylum on our shores.

Linda Thai was part of the Vietnamese exodus in the 1970s. She was only two years old when she and her parents boarded an overcrowded boat in the middle of the night to escape the persecution and possible death. As you’ll hear the found a new home in Australia, but the trauma of events still shapes their lives.

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David James, Becoming Alaskan

The three cultures of Alaskan Linda Thai

FAIRBANKS — Linda Thai was 2 when her family escaped Vietnam as Boat People in 1979. “My father was on the run from the communists,” she said. “He worked at his aunt’s gas station, so that made his aunt...

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