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Cultivating Self-Awareness

A presentation from "Experiencing The Body Keeps The Score" conference.

Course Description

Trauma can force us to develop strategies to help us survive what we experienced.

These actions of survival and truncated actions of survival get stuck inside the nervous system and, as we now know, the body keeps the score. Our biography becomes our biology. And then our biology informs our current and future biography. The strategies that kept us alive can keep us from fully living.

By learning to recognize and safely resource the tension patterns of these survival responses, we can manage anxiety and overthinking, emotional flooding, and overwhelm. New choices become available for the neuro-muscular system, which can allow us to cultivate self-awareness around past behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

In this presentation psychologists and psychotherapists will learn how the cascade of tension and immobilization related to the ocular sympathetic/collapsed parasympathetic response can be addressed to facilitate enhanced treatment outcomes, including capacity for bottom-up self-regulation, expanded window of tolerance, and interoceptive awareness.

1. Stuck in Survival: Somatic Experiments Towards Embodied Safeness

$30.00 USD

Online Course

Included features:

  • Access instantly
  • 90 minutes

In the spirit of addressing historic and systemic barriers to participation, there are several equity pricing scholarship spaces available for this training. Priority of access for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals living with disabilities, and individuals living with lower income.
Please contact: [email protected] with your request.


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