Past Events Archive

Linda thai mental health ywca

Annual Mental Health Symposium (Keynote)

Transgenerational trauma linda thai

CIIS Public Programs Daylong Workshop - Healing the Legacy of Historical and Transgenerational Trauma

British Association of Art Therapists Annual General Meeting Keynote

British Association of Art Therapists Annual General Meeting (Keynote)

Chicago Minds new

Chicago Minds June to August 2022 Trauma Education Series

12 Week Somatic

Certificate In Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies

Transgenerational Inherited Traum

Transgenerational & Inherited Trauma


TransformAsian 2nd Annual Conference

2022 1

Romanian Humanitarian Aide

2022 3

Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summit

2022 2

The Master Series: Connection Edition

2022 5

The Compassionate Self with Dr. Richard Schwartz (Event Moderator 2 day Workshop)

2022 9

The Master Series: Imagination Edition

2022 6
Online Event

Unnameable losses: The Unmetabolized Ambiguous Grief of Adult Children of Refugees

2022 7

Polyvagal Inspired Meditation

Online Event

Fairbanks Yoga - Meditation Series (October - November 2020)

2022 8
Online Event

National Education Association of Alaska Annual Conference

United nations covid 19 response 3bi D4 L Tasg Y unsplash

Breathing-Based Practices and Strategies for Mask Wearing with Linda Thai [Classes 1-4]


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