The Connection Between Wearing a Mask and Mental Health

I have noticed that individuals with mental health issues/trauma histories struggle with wearing face masks, and here is how I came to this realization:

I saw an OSHA video going around a few weeks ago. A man was holding an oxygen-sensor next to his ***mouth*** and measuring oxygen levels, mask-off and then mask-on, to “prove” that wearing a mask was hazardous for your health.

The yoga teacher in me was like, “Hmmm, who the heck breathes through their mouth? Mouth-breathing jacks up the nervous system."

That was when the somatic trauma therapist in me joined ...

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Jared rice 8w7b4 Sdh Ogw unsplash

My Journey to Yoga & Meditation

I have always been a Seeker, fueled by a deep yearning to heal the searing pain that has been with me for as long as I can remember. The teachings of yoga and meditation, as passed on to me by my teachers, have provided me with tools to engage with life more effectively.

Meditation has many definitions: removing the fluctuations of the mind, elongating the space between thoughts, thoughtless alert awareness in this eternal moment. It was an inner state that I was ...

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