#3 – Posted Saturday April, 23rd 2022

Free Lecture: Unnameable losses

This presentation is a must watch. Linda draws upon research literature as well as narrative reconstruction of lived experiences to expand the conversation about intergenerational trauma to encompass the impact of forced migration, combined with acculturation and enculturation pressures upon the subsequent generation.

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#2 – Posted Saturday April, 23rd 2022

Free Lecture: Stuck in Survival

Trauma can force us to develop strategies to help us survive what we experienced. By learning to recognize and safely resource the tension patterns of these survival responses, we can manage anxiety and overthinking, emotional flooding, and overwhelm. New choices become available for the neuro-muscular system, which can allow us to cultivate self-awareness around past behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

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C d x PDX a 82obo unsplash
#1 – Posted Tuesday February, 22nd 2022

Bilateral Music

Bilateral music is music that gently shifts from one ear to the other, and we are designed to orient towards sounds. Because of this, the two hemispheres of the brain begin to interact with each other. This gentle activation of the vestibular system of the body causes for calming of the limbic brain.

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