Friends of Quantum Way

For our new friends through the Quantum Way Summit

~ 4 ways to connect with me ~

1. Access this 90 minute lecture on "Unnameable losses: The unmetabolized ambiguous grief of adult children of refugees." Drawn from research literature and lived experiences; Expanding the conversation about intergenerational trauma and the impact on adult children of refugees.

2. Watch the famous 90 minute video on "Stuck in Survival: A Somatic Experiments Towards Embodied Safeness." Cultivating Self-Awareness; Learn to recognize and safely resource the tension patterns of these survival responses.

3. Join me weekly on Tuesdays for a live virtual 12 week program on Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies. Use QuantumWay25 to receive 25% discount.

4. Subscribe to my newsletter and from time to time I will write to you and share! I look forward to staying connected with you.

With care and kindness


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