Embodied Approaches to Trauma Online Workshop

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In this workshop, Linda will guide us through practical and experiential interventions to help clients move through and complete the stress response cycle. In this way, our clients will be able to more effectively:

We will also explore experientially a concept central to the Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System, known as shape and countershape. The unresolved relational templates in our clients (and ourselves) cause us to unconsciously seek and/or reject the missing somatic experiences of attachment. As surrogate partners, we are able to provide to our clients the experience of what should have happened that didn’t happen — in a way that can be somaticized and integrated in life-transforming ways.

There will also be a brief discussion about the distortion of the arousal template and the stress response template due to childhood sexual abuse / developmentally inappropriate sexual experiences, and how surrogate partners can best use this information in support of their clients.

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