Small Group Somatic Coaching

In the course, you will build a community together, learn more about and map out your Autonomic Nervous System, create personal plans for self and co-regulation, learn to be playful and curious, create a resilience routine, and more.

Week 1

Building Community

  • Building ventral capacity: Introductions, salutations, and greetings.
  • The practice of noticing and naming your ANS state.
Week 2

Mapping out your Autonomic Nervous System: Part I

  • How do you experience ventral, dorsal, and sympathetic energy?
  • Where do you typically live within the Window of Capacity?
  • The practice of somatically anchoring ventral vagal experiences.
Week 3

Mapping out your Autonomic Nervous System: Part II

  • Which ANS loops are familiar to you?
  • Let's create a map of regulating resources that help you to self-regulate and co-regulate based on the ANS loops that are familiar to you.
Week 4

Mapping out your Autonomic Nervous System: Part III

  • Let's create a map of the triggers that cause you to move around your map, as well as notice how that movement is experienced in your body.
  • The practice of expanded awareness: noticing and savoring "glimmers and shimmers" of ventral vagal moments throughout one's day.
Week 5

Creating a personal plan for self-regulation and co-regulation

  • Let's create a map-plan-goals-intentions for continuing self-regulation and co-regulation, so that we can begin to build in more opportunities for expanding our Windows of Capacity.
Week 6

The two main blended states

  • Attending to play and playfulness, curiosity, wonder, and awe.
  • Attending to stillness, pendulating between solitude and loneliness.
Week 7

Pendulating with curiosity

  • Between movement and stillness - between expansion and contraction.
  • Active social engagement and introspective social engagement.
Week 8

Shaping the nervous system

  • The idea is to stretch (but not stress) the nervous system - shaping through voice, sound, self-talk, and the voices of supportive others.
  • Shaping through music - Shaping through breath.
  • Shaping through movement - Shaping through the environment.
Week 9


  • Creating a resilience routine for yourself as you move forward.
  • Re-storying your current experiences from your ventral nervous system.
Week 10

Ongoing connection

  • Gratitude, self-compassion, reciprocity, and compassionate communities.


Limited to 12 Per Group
10 Weeks | $1000

Tuesdays 5pm-6:30pm EST (FULL) or 9pm-10:30pm EST (FULL)
(90 Minutes)

In order to build group cohesion, we ask that you commit to one cohort time.

It is recommended that you have completed Linda's Certificate in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies (12 Week Course) before registering for Small Group Somatic Coaching.

In the spirit of addressing historic and systemic barriers to participation, equity pricing scholarship spaces available three equity scholarships are available per cohort. Priority of access for BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, individuals living with disabilities, and individuals living with lower income. Please contact: [email protected] with your request.

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