Healing the Legacy of Historical and Intergenerational Trauma: Addressing the Ambiguous Losses of Forced Displacement Online Workshop

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Screenshot 2023 12 14 at 9 29 11 AM May 13th, 2024 - 12:00am - 12:00am

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CE presentation for the New Zealand Psychological Association

This presentation is based on this Venn diagram of Linda’s work.

The historical trauma of forced displacement has intergenerational and transgenerational impact.In her 90-minute presentation, Linda Thai will weave together stories and research to bring to light the intergenerational impact of forced migration, by bringing together the research around Adult Children of Holocaust Survivors, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Adult Children of Veterans with PTSD, and Historical Collective Trauma of Indigenous Americans.

Forty to fifty per cent of displaced populations are children.

The decontextualization of historical trauma over the course of time can lead to challenges in adulthood that are often easily overlooked - or even pathologized - by many mental health professionals. This larger landscape of traumatic grief, traumatic loss, traumatic homesickness and the ambiguity of these unnameable, unmetabolized experiences has a transgenerational impact that needs to be named in order to be healed.

- Lateralize the conceptualization of refugees beyond the UNHCR definition to encompass multiple trajectories of displacement.
- Differentiate between refugees and immigrants.
- Identify the main stages of a refugee journey.
- Explain intergenerational trauma to encompass the impact of forced migration, combined with acculturation and enculturation pressures, upon the next generation.
- Identify expressions of ambiguous grief, traumatic grief and traumatic homesickness. Identify how the decontextualization of historical trauma can result in the pathologizing and stereotyping of cultures, families and individuals.
- Identify the various expressions - emotionally, psychologically, and behaviorally - of unmetabolized grief, at the individual, family, cultural and societal levels.

Here is the registration link (please note: the price is in NZ dollars, and the time zone is NZ time zone) : https://nzps.gecco.co.nz/event-manager/ViewEvent/49

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