The Voice Keeps the Score: Sound as a Portal to Embodiment (Class series) Online Workshop

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The voice keeps May 2nd - 30th, 2024

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Thursdays in May at 7pm-8pm EST

This class series is intended for anyone who has had struggles with and is seeking to reclaim their physical and metaphorical voice! This can express as challenges around authentic expression, particularly around the communication of needs and boundaries.

Particularly for femme folks, individuals in a body racialized by society, disabled bodies, neurodivergent bodies, individuals who were traumatized as children.

Because silence equals safety, it can feel extremely dangerous and activating for the nervous system when we begin the journey of exploring and reclaiming our voices, needs, and boundaries.

Perhaps you've been attending somatic workshops and boundaries workshops...and yet there's something missing when it comes to interpersonal effectiveness. It's the voice!

I'm envisioning a dynamic interactive playshop, where we learn about sound as the first portal to attachment and attunement, and then we play with various expressions of vocalization. And I get to guide you through various somatic cues that can enhance communication effectiveness.

Details on each specific class will be released in March, along with registration information.

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